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Local women to gather downtown April 14 to discuss state budget cuts

MODESTO - Dozens of local women will gather at the Flower Clock on K Street on Thursday, April 14, to demonstrate the far-ranging and deep impact billions of dollars in state budget cuts have already had on local women, children, families and seniors.

In a news conference, the group of local women will call on Valley legislators to join them in supporting Governor Jerry Brown’s balanced approach in order to avoid deeper cuts that will hurt California’s women, children and families. If existing revenues are not extended, additional budget cuts will threaten California’s economic recovery and the services like schools, libraries, parks and colleges Modesto residents know are critical to the state’s future.

These Modesto women are among the local families, teachers, parents, and business owners who have put aside their differences to support Gov. Brown’s balanced approach to closing the state’s budget gap and move California’s economic recovery forward.

Modesto mayor to rally voters to sign petition

Modesto mayor to rally voters to sign petition

MODESTO - Mayor Jim Ridenour will host the mayors from the eight other cities in Stanislaus County as part of a broad coalition of local government, business, labor, community groups and other redevelopment supporters to engage voters over the next week to take action and sign a petition to stop the State Legislature from voting on a budget that the mayor says, raids local government redevelopment funds and is in violation of the State Constitution.

The mayor will rally supporters in a press conference on Tuesday, March 8 at 12 p.m. in Tenth Street Plaza, 1010 10th Street.

Four months ago in Nov. 2010, voters passed Proposition 22 by an overwhelming majority. The meaure stopped state raids of local redevelopment funds. Despite this clear voter mandate, legislators could vote on a budget this week that takes these important local funds in violation of Prop.