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Stolen vehicle causes multi-vehicle accident in Modesto

ID=73118778A stolen vehicle caused a multi-vehicle accident in Modesto, injuring multiple people and snarling traffic while officials worked to clear the wreck.

According to Modesto Police Department, members of the Stanislaus Auto Theft Task Force found a stolen Ford Fiesta on McHenry Avenue around 1:45 p.m. The members called in for Modesto police assistance after locating the stolen vehicle.

As Modesto police attempted to stop the female driver of the vehicle, the driver sped away. Officers chose not to pursuit given the danger.

Beer Festival turns out to be fake; ticket holders scammed

MODESTO, Calif. - A big beer festival that was to include lobster, 250 different brews and jet ski races turned out to be a big bust.

Bay Area promoters sold tickets to an event called "Modesto Beer and Bites."

But the event scheduled for Saturday turned out to be a sham.

Modesto beer festival apparently a scam




Perhaps the location; a closed dentist office was the key clue, or perhaps it was the promise that jet ski races would happen. Either way, it now seems a Beer Festival scheduled for downtown Modesto Saturday is simply a scam.

"If you're having 250 beers, jet skis, it's an elaborate process. We tried to find them to help out, but couldn't get a call back," said Modesto Parks and Recreation director Andy Johnson.

Johnson said it's 30 pages of forms that need to be filled out before a large city festival is approved. No organizers of Saturdays event have filled out any forms, or paid the approximate $3,000 to secure security, fencing and police help.

"We can't find anyone out there," said Johnson. "We've been working with the visitors bureau and the chamber of commerce. Nobody knows."

One man in custody, Modesto neighborhood locked down after home burglarly

Modesto police have arrested a man in connection to a Wednesday morning burglary.

Modesto resident Marcus Pitts, 29, was arrested about a block away from the home he is suspected of burglarizing Wednesday, accordinf to the Modesto Police Department. Two other suspects have no yet been located in connection to the incident. 

When officers 
arrived on the scene of a burglary in progress,
 one suspect was standing on the sidewalk. Two other suspects came from the
 backyard of the home
Upon seeing the officers, the suspects dropped a bag of property they were carrying and ran from the area. 

15-year-old girl struck by school vehicle in Modesto

A 15-year-old girl was hit by a school vehicle when she was crossing the street on Monday morning in Modesto.

Police said the girl was a Modesto High School student and was in the crosswalk when a Modesto City Schools vehicle struck her.

The girl was taken to the hospital with serious injuries.

Police are investigating the accident. No other information has been release at this time.

Modesto woman delivers triplets after having twins a year earlier

Multiple births are everywhere these days... with families having trouble conceiving and then turning to science to help them out. But imagine having two sets of twins... and a set of triplets... If you're trying to keep up, that's seven kids. Five of them are under the age of five!

Last week, the world welcomed three bundles of joy thanks to their wondermom in Modesto.

Brandy is a mother of multiples again. She had twins at the age of 19. Last year, she had twins again. And then, another surprise when she found out she was pregnant with triplets.

"They were barely one when I found out I was having triplets. Yeah, I was shocked. I was like, are you serious," said Brandy. "I have two sets of twins. This is my first set of triplets."

"Brandy got to hold all three of them together on Wednesday.

"It was cool. My heart pounded. It was cool," said Brandy.