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Money available for electric mowers!

Money available for electric mowers!

New funding and a simplified, regional voucher request process will make clean, electric lawn mowers available to more Valley residents through the Clean, Green Yard Machine program beginning Monday, April 11.

“This is our most popular consumer program, and one that pays off in big clean-air dividends for everyone in the Valley,” said Seyed Sadredin, the District’s executive director and air pollution control officer.  “We’re very pleased to be able to offer this program again this year, and to more residents than ever.”

Local funding for this program was authorized by the District’s Governing Board in combination with a state grant for residents of the San Joaquin Valley.  Additionally, the District partnered with the Sierra Club and the Rose Foundation for Communities and the Environment in Kern County to provide additional vouchers for resident

Homeless cross homeowners in Modesto neighborhood



The La Loma neighborhood can't find a balance between its homes and the homeless. On April 5, the Modesto City Council may consider the La Loma Neighborhood's appeal to block a new building permit for the Modesto Gospel Mission, a non-profit homeless rehab and recovery center. The Mission wants to build a 5,000 sqft. facility for a 12 month residential recovery program.

Since 1993, homeowners off Yosemite Boulevard have both applauded the Modesto Gospel Mission for its effectiveness in getting rehab and educational help for the homeless individuals who want it, and fought the Mission's policies and lack of control over the homeless who don't.

"We in La Loma love the Mission.

Floral design competition huge hit at Home & Garden Show

Floral design competition huge hit at Home & Garden Show

MODESTO - This year the Stanislaus County Home & Garden Show, held at the Modesto Centre Plaza, had something new to excite show goers with. In addition to the always popular home & garden vendors, the show held its first floral design competition.

Local florists were invited to create floral designs of their choice and display them at the show. The designs were judged by floral design industry professionals and were popular with show visitors young and old alike.

First place was won by "Nature's own Florist" out of Modesto. "Hart Floral", also of Modesto, took home the 2nd place award while "Twigs & Stems" won the 3rd place or "Bronze" award.

With this first floral design competition being a great success, Central Valley residents are looking forward to upcoming Metro Exposition Home & Garden Shows that will be featuring similar floral design competitions.

Gallery showcase: The Ayana Bath Caddy

Gallery showcase: The Ayana Bath Caddy

Our friend Ms Lady Goats has done it again!  She literally built this fine friend the day it posted!  I adore the color, and I’m pretty fond of the final use for it, that she settled on…

What would you use it for?

I was thinking this would be fabulous for my own personal needs to make it a tad wider and use it for filing and paper!

Free DIY Furniture Plans for this unit can be found here…and to read about her build, visit her here~

Valley Air District: Share holiday cheer, not smoke

SAN JOAQUIN VALLEY - Valley Air District officials urged residents to consider their health and that of their neighbors when planning to use household fireplaces during the holiday season.

"Share the good cheer of the holidays, not wood smoke," said Seyed Sadredin, Air District director. "The fires that seem so cozy and inviting can actually cause your neighbors distress."

Residential wood burning can produce up to 24 tons per day of harmful particulate matter (PM) across the valley on a winter day. PM is made up of soot, ash, tiny droplets of liquid and other material.

How to recycle your Christmas tree

MODESTO - City of Modesto officials said residents can recycle their Christmas trees for free in a variety of ways.

If you have an untreated tree, meaning no flocking, paint or fireproffing, place it in your green organic waste container. Cut the untreated tree into small sections. The lid of the green waste container must close completely in order for it to be picked up.

For residents who don't have an organic waste container, you can place an untreated Christmas tree in the street or alley with other yard trimmings for collection. All ornaments, tinsel, nails, stands, support rods and plastic bags must be removed. The tree should be cut into 6-foot sections or smaller.

City waste workers will begin collection on the first Monday in January.

If you have a treated tree, meaning flocked, painted and/or fireproofed, it cannot be recycled.