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Modesto couple's RV for preemies needs votes to help more people

Modesto couple's RV for preemies needs votes to help more people

Parked on the Sutter Memorial visitors lot, RV for Preemies welcomed its first tenants, Kristina Ibanez and Christian Sandoval.

The couple's daughter was born two months ahead of time.

"I was really sick and they rushed me to the hospital," said Ibanez. "She was born at 29 weeks."

RV for Preemies offers a little comfort to Sutter Memorial parents whose preemie is in the hospital for extended care. Parents can be near their new born without paying for a hotel room.

The Modesto couple has been by their daughter's side since December. Without the RV for Preemies, they would not have a place to stay or the money.

"Until my girls are better and come home, our life is on hold so we don't have the money to pay for a place," said Sandoval.

RV for Preemies is the vision of Cyndi Mitchell. The Lincoln mother knows exactly what it's like to be Kristine and Christian.

"My daughters were born at 33 weeks," said Mitchell.

Valley Air District: Share holiday cheer, not smoke

SAN JOAQUIN VALLEY - Valley Air District officials urged residents to consider their health and that of their neighbors when planning to use household fireplaces during the holiday season.

"Share the good cheer of the holidays, not wood smoke," said Seyed Sadredin, Air District director. "The fires that seem so cozy and inviting can actually cause your neighbors distress."

Residential wood burning can produce up to 24 tons per day of harmful particulate matter (PM) across the valley on a winter day. PM is made up of soot, ash, tiny droplets of liquid and other material.