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My love....
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Oh goodness, it's been a year and a half since I've blogged.  That can't be good...I'm not even sure what I've actually been doing in that year and a half.  I do know I spend 10 days of that year in a half in Maui.....but I can't really recall what else I did?  Oh well. :)

I have been inspired to blog again.  Blog about something I love to do...something that I never thought I'd love but I fell in love with it after becoming a mom 9 and a half years ago.  Cooking!!  I absolutely love cooking. I love the hunt of a good recipe either online or the old fashion way.....a cookbook.  I love gathering the ingredients, and mixing my concoction.  But must of all, I love the looks on my fellas faces when they try something new!!  I am very blessed with good eaters.....they'll at least try something once, but normally will eat every last bite.

The past few years my boys have been involved in sports.  Football during the late summer early fall.  Basketball in the winter and of course baseball in the spring time.  We get a small break in the summer....very very small break.  Right now we are in full swing in our football season.  Practice 3 nights a week and game day on Saturday.  Due to the boys ages, they aren't at the same level this year, so we are usually at the football field for 6 hours on any given Saturday!  It takes it's toll....but the boys just love it, and we really love watching them!! But spending so much time out of the house, my love of cooking has been put to the back burner (pun intended of course!).  I've always been the kind of mom that eating a healthy home cooked meal at home is important to me.  I know what my family is eating, it's healthier than the alternative and saves on money too!  So my new inspiration is to blog about my adventures in weeknight cooking.  I have dusted off my crock pot and are planning out my meals a week in advance!  I'll share with you my wonderful finds, and my not so wonderful recipes....you know they can't all be good.

This Real Housewife of the Central Valley is going to share great, quick and healthy meals with you so you can be inspired to have something yummy on the table for your little quarterback!    Stay tuned, I'll share with you my recipe for crock pot chicken tacos tomorrow! 

Food & Drink, Life, Moms

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