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A Modesto family's challenge
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I have a dear Best Friend who endured a almost 3 year battle to become pregnant, in which during this time she had a surgical procedure to remove blockage in her tubes, and almost lost her life during this procedure.

When the doctor was finished and she was in recovery she began bleeding internally and ended up seizing and loss mass amounts of blood. Her blood count dropped to about a 6, and in the emergency situation they had no choice but to pump cold blood into her, which caused her to shiver uncontrollably and continue seizing.

It took her about a full month to recover from this and shortly thereafter, she was elated to find out she was pregnant. After a smooth 9 month pregnancy she gave birth to a precious Baby Boy 8lbs 7oz.

Baby Joshua Daniel Avila was born Saturday, June 2, 2012 at Doctors Hospital in Modesto. Shortly there after he was taken to the NICU department due to complications with his breathing/lungs. They then determined he had a rare situation where he had pockets of air in his chest that was compressing against his lungs and heart. On top of that, he also had fluid in his lungs, some sort of infection (perhaps pneumonia) and his lungs just weren't capable of converting the oxygen he was breathing and pushing it into his blood stream.

He was recently transfered to Lucille Packard's Children's Hospital (Stanford University). Mom was released early so she could go up there and be with him. As of writing this, he is sedated and on a ventilator, but is showing some slight signs of progress!

They are currently still in Stanford with the baby, they've been staying in the parent lounge as the Ronald McDonald house is full and the wait list is long. I have joined with their family in creating a donation page to help with medical bills, gas, food, and housing.

Visit baby Joshua's page here.

Story by Amanda Roe

Family, Moms, People

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