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Teacher of the Month August 2012- Dan Glenn | Education

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Teacher of the Month August 2012- Dan Glenn

MODESTO, CA - The extras are hard to come by in public schools, but for Dan Glenn there are some things he doesn't want his 6th graders to go without.

Science camp, track and field day, traffic patrol even PTA, Glenn is committed to making sure his students get the most out of the year and he knows his involvement is important

"This year we raised about $10,000 to get the kids to science camp," Glenn said.

Forty-five Wilson Elementary School students spent four days camping. For some, it is the first and possibly the only time they'll ever experience science camp.

"I don't think I've left anyone behind for reasons that they couldn't afford it," Glenn said. 

Ten years in education has taught Glenn a lot about learning and what it takes to teach.

"I certainly try to incorporate building yourself as a person, becoming more confident in yourself and enjoying the school year," Glenn explained.

Teaching isn't necessarily where he thought he'd end up.

"I was a cashier at Toys R Us. I was an envelope stuffer for a school district," Glenn recalled.

But his aspirations changed as soon as he started working with children.

"I was lucky enough to get involved working at an after school latch key program," said the father of three.

From that experience on, Glenn has made his mark with a teaching style his kids can relate to.

"He makes [the lessons] into situations so it helps us and we don't just sit there and get confused and just not listen to him," 6th grader Lynette Fife said.

Glenn's outgoing and jovial personality has made him a popular teacher, but it is his kind and giving nature that has made an impact.

Makayla Garza suffered a bug bite while camping with her classmates, an unsettling situation that was calmed by the best teacher she says she's ever had.

"He was saying are you alright, you are the strongest student I've had all year," Garza said with a smile.

Going above and beyond is how parents describe him, but for Glenn making his class memorable is just part of the package.

"If I am going to be here for 180 days out of the year I want to have fun too so I try to plan the year so we can have a good time together," Glenn said.















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