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UPDATE: 20-year-old man killed in Modesto shooting

MODESTO, Calif. - Police are investigating the circumstances surrounding the fatal shooting of a 20-year-old man in Modesto on Thursday.

Modesto Police Department Lieutenant Rick Armendariz said officers were dispatched to the 2400 block of Vera Cruz Dr. in northeast Modesto around 8:38 p.m. in response to the shooting. Upon arrival, the officers located the man suffering from several gunshot wounds. Police immediately began CPR until paramedics arrived and transported the man to a nearby hospital where he later died of his injuries.

Preliminary findings in the ensuing investigation revealed the shooting appeared to be gang related and stemmed from an argument between the man and a group of individuals, said Armendariz.

Another sealed hearing scheduled in Levy case

WASHINGTON (AP) - Attorneys in the 2001 Chandra Levy murder case will be back in court for another hearing, the substance of which will be kept from the public and the news media.

Although observers will be allowed into the courtroom, Thursday's proceedings will be conducted at the bench, with a white-noise machine that prevents observers from listening to what is said.

The hearings have been held behind closed doors over the last several weeks and could signal a problem with the prosecution.

Ingmar Guandique, an illegal immigrant from El Salvador, was convicted of Levy's murder in 2010 and is serving a 60-year prison sentence.

Levy was a Washington intern whose murder went unsolved for years and captivated the public because of her romantic relationship with a California congressman.

Police look for man in sexual attacks on Modesto pedestrian path

Police look for man in sexual attacks on Modesto pedestrian path

MODESTO, CA - A popular area for runners and joggers in Modesto has been the scene of two recent sexual assaults, police say.

Two reports of a individual in his late teens fondling women were received Jan. 18, said Ivan Valencia, Modesto Police Department spokesman. The first victim reported she was running along Virginia Corridor near the pedestrian footbridge crossing W. Briggsmore Avenue just before 4 p.m. that Friday when a teen running behind her came up and put his arms around her. He then proceeded to fondle her, she told police. She said she told him over and over to let her go and she was eventually able to break free and yell for help. The teen separated and walked away, she reported.

A little over two hours later, at about 6:14 p.m., another woman running along the path was grabbed by a male and fondled, Valencia said. She pushed him off and he ran off on westbound Granger Avenue.

Mystery deepens In Chandra Levy murder hearing

WASHINGTON (WUSA) -- Closed hearings, disappearing documents, sealed transcripts -- the mystery only deepens in the Chandra Levy murder case, which dates back more than a decade.

D.C. Superior Court judge Gerald Fisher has just refused requests by media lawyers to unseal transcripts of two long hearings that have taken place over the last two months. Fisher also declined to promise that a hearing Thursday will be open to the public.

Ingmar Guandique, the convicted killer of the Washington intern, is on his way back to D.C. from a federal prison in Alabama to attend that hearing.

But prosecutors have demanded secrecy about most of the details, and the judge has agreed.

We know the hearing is about some kind of problem with a witness who helped send Guandique to prison for 60 years and the judge has also said it has something to do with safety.

Modesto Police: Man beats ex-wife's boyfriend with bat

 MODESTO, Calif. (AP) - Police are looking for a man who used a baseball bat to club the boyfriend of his ex-wife.

The Modesto Bee says 26-year-old Christopher Tuquero returned his children to the home of his ex-wife and encountered her boyfriend.

Investigators say Tuquero punched the boyfriend's face before grabbing an aluminum baseball bat to continue the attack.

Tuquero fled before police arrived. He's wanted for attempted murder.

The boyfriend didn't require hospitalization.

Police: Machete-wielding Ceres man shot by officers

CERES, Calif. - Ceres officers were forced to shoot a man Monday night after he charged them with a machete knife, according to police.

Sergeant Jose Berger of the Ceres Police Dept. said officers were dispatched to a home on the 2400 block of Pineridge Rd. after the parents of a 34-year-old man informed police he was behaving "strangely."

Officers arrived at the home around 7:35 p.m. and began interacting with the man. At some point during the interaction, the man became aggressive, picked up a machete and charged officers, said Berger.

The two officers attempted to subdue the man with bean bag rounds but the man continued to advance, so they fired their guns, Berger said.

Sheriff: Ceres man alleged to possess 100,000 child porn images

CERES, CA - A Ceres man was arrested Friday on suspicion of having more than 100,000 images of child pornography in his possession.

The FBI and detectives with the Stanislaus County Sheriff's Department took 52-year-old George Pires into custody following an investigation that began with a 911 call from his East Service Road last October, said sheriff's Sgt. Anthony Bejaran.

Sheriff's investigators obtained a search warrant and recovered several computers and photographs from the residence. Bejaran said analysis of content on the computers revealed more 100,000 pictures of child pornography. Detectives informed the FBI.

Pires is accused of possession and manufacture of child pornography, which are federal charges.

Sheriff detectives are also looking into possible victims of child molestation related to this case. Anyone with information about potential victims or the Pires' investigation was asked to contact Det. Megan Brazil at (209) 525-7082.