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Blanchard named president of port association

Dr. Elizabeth Blanchard, Port Commissioner for the Port of Stockton, has been named President of the Association of Pacific Ports for 2017-2018.


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Dealing with the IRS: You do have rights

Dealing with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) can be a daunting and intimidating task for any person or business. The unfortunate reality is that the IRS has the power to completely disrupt an individual’s life or business operations.

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Businesses could be responsible for violations of outsourced work

A new ruling by the California Division of Labor Standards has given expanded reach to a 2015 amendment to the Labor Code. This expansion now has serious implications for the construction industry. Before getting into the details of the ruling issued by the Labor Commissioner, let’s take a brief look back at Assembly Bill 1897 for some context:

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Amazon to open distribution facility in South Stockton

STOCKTON–The City Council announced that online retail giant Amazon will be opening a 600,000-square-foot facility.

About 1,000 jobs will be created because of the new facility in an area some say has been neglected in the jobs sector.

No opening date has been set as of yet, but city officials will keep updating the public as much as possible.

“This is game changer for us,” said Councilmember Jesus Andrade, who represents District 6 where the facility will reside.

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Tech sector growing vibrantly throughout Central Valley

Chances are, when you think of the Central Valley, you think about tomato trucks rumbling down the freeway or shakers knocking down almonds amidst endless rows of trees. You probably don’t think about modern tech companies or millennials working while sipping lattes in open, co-working spaces. But an ever-increasing group of local techies and entrepreneurs are working to change that.

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Scheduling ordinances: The next big employment challenge?


The new administration in Washington, DC came in with a promise to “deregulate,” that is to reduce the amount of government regulations. At the same time, at the state and local level, there is no sign that regulation is slowing down.

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Business is in season


By Nora Heston Tarte
Business Journal Writer

TURLOCK — The Central Valley spice business is hot. Located in the heart of California’s agricultural hub, spice businesses in San Joaquin and Stanislaus counties offer quality, local ingredients to create proprietary spice blends and other flavor products to restaurants and manufacturers around the world.

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