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2013 Stanislaus Animal Services Agency Dog License Amnesty Program


Licensing your dog is such an important part of responsible pet ownership and to celebrate our second anniversary in the Thomas W. Mayfield Regional Animal Services Facility, the Stanislaus Animal Services Agency is offering a dog license amnesty program for the entire month of January 2013 to the residents of Modesto, Ceres, Patterson, Waterford, Hughson and the unincorporated areas of Stanislaus County. 

FOUND! Missing Modesto tortoise returns home

MODESTO, CA - After four days of searching for their 12-year-old boy, a Modesto family was reunited with their 70-pound tortoise Sam Monday night.

He was found by a neighbor a block away from the family's home, but they weren't sure who to call until they saw a story about Sam on Monday's News10 at 11.

"We've done Craigslist postings, facebook postings, we've contacted the police," said Sam's owner Aimee Edwards-Altadonna. "I made flyers. I've gone online, I've gone door-to-door. I've gone park-to-park."

Edwards-Altadonna said the gardeners at her home on the 2000 block of Ellis Street accidentally forgot to latch the bottom lock of their wooden privacy fence on Friday. She believes Sam pushed the door open and fled down the street. 

Edwards-Altadonna, her husband Vinny and their two young children had been searching for Sam ever since. 

And the "Kids Reading to Pets" Sweepstakes Contest Winner is...

And the "Kids Reading to Pets" Sweepstakes Contest Winner is...

Last month News10 My Neighborhood gave a shout out to our communities and ask you to send us a picture of a child reading to a pet. The pictures were then put into our photo gallery article and the names were submitted into our random drawing, where the winner was to receive a prize.

PHOTOS: Kids Reading to Pets

This contest was part of News10's Reading Connects campaign, which is our effort at improving the literacy rate in our area.

Research has shown that children's reading skills improve when they read to their pets, hence the inspiration for this contest.

The winner of our "Kids Reading to Pets" sweepstakes contest random drawing was Jill, who submitted a picture of her son, Devin, reading to his dog, Jake.

Devin was around a year old when the

Modesto woman bitten by dog wants animal removed

OAKDALE, CA - A frightening dog attack last week left a Modesto woman bitten and badly bruised.

Becky Peeper was bitten while visiting a home in Oakdale. She stopped by to care for a 90-year-old woman and was outside putting away the trash when it happened. According Peeper, there was no warning before the attack, no growl, no bark and no warning bite.

Peeper photographed her bite right afterward. She went to the doctor and filed a report with animal control.

The dog, a German Shepherd, is now under quarantine for 10 days on his owner's property. Peeper is worried that the dog will bite someone else, saying that it bit another adult and a child in the past. She said they did not file reports because they are relatives of the dog owner.